Monday, 1 October 2012

Let's go fly a kite :)

The wind was so strong on Saturday that we just couldn't resist taking a trip out with the munchkins to fly kites :) Fun day but it meant not much crafting going on :( I did get chance to have a quick forage whilst we were out though and managed to find some more blackberries and a few nice clusters of elderberries. Jam attempt #2 for the blackberries but not really sure what to do with the elderberries yet????

Stuck in the heather - bless

Projects for this week are more halloween decorations, sewing practice on a hanging shoe organizer and the makeover of a gorgeous vintage Meredew table and chairs set that my Nana managed to pick up from a garage sale for us for just £20 (pics to follow on a new post). I am sooo excited about the latter =D

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