Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Back Yard Grave Yard

Today I've been getting some of the Halloween decorations done for the garden and these polystyrene graves were definitely my fave task of the day :)

I spotted something similar in the pound shop last week and was instantly inspired :)

They were really simple and fun to do...

What you'll need:

  • Polystyrene sheets
  • Black Marker
  • Craft knife
  • Paint

First take a polystyrene board and draw on your grave stone design

 Using a craft or stanley knife cut around the outline of your grave stone

Chisel out any detailing using the tip of your craft knife.

Warning: This bit get MESSY!!!

Although Mini King certainly enjoyed covering the books his book - and my carpet in "snow" hehe

Once you have finished cutting out paint using a sponge (or spray paint)

Plonk them in your garden along with some wooden crosses, dead flowers and eerie lighting and enjoy spooking your guests :)

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