Saturday, 27 October 2012

No Sew Fabric Pumpkins

These were super duper quick and easy to make and so adorable :)

Can you guess what they're made with??

If you guessed loo roll - your spot on :)

I took some full rolls of toilet paper and laid them on top of my chosen pumpkin fabrics and cut out a square of fabric big enough to bring up the toilet roll and took into the tube at the top. Then my lovely helpful hubby cut an old broom handle down and whittled the pieces into cute lil stalk shapes to plonk into the top and hold the fabric in place. 

The munchkins think these are great as they are safe to chuck around, and play football with - oh and play hide the stalks with - the lil monkeys  ;)
They also think it's hilarious when they all unravel and a toilet roll pops out off them hehe - best bit is - that doesn't bother me as they literally take 2 seconds to put back together - Result!!

Hope you like!!!

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