Friday, 7 December 2012

The elf on the shelf!!!

Eeeee I am sooo excited!!!
The elf on the shelf has just arrived for the minis!! I cannot wait to show them later tonight!!!
For those of you who have not heard if the elf in the shelf tradition before now...
The elf supposedly arrives at your home, a special gift from Santa, sometime around the beginning of the holidays. His sole responsibility is to watch the children's behaviour and report it to Santa each night. The next morning when the children awake they discover the elf has returned from the North Pole and is resting in a new place.

To preserve the elfs magic he must not be touched although talking to him is encouraged.

I can't wait to hide the elf in a new place each night and have him getting up to mischief :) I will of course be sure to take lots of pictures and keep you updated on how he's settling into his new home. And of course, if he actually helps the children to better control themselves :)

If you fancy making the elf on the shelf tradition your own visit

You can also register your elfs name here and receive a special response from Santa :)

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