Thursday, 4 October 2012

Halloween Ghosties!!!

So today I have been making these ghost luminaries inspired by these that I came across on pinterest!! (originally by Disney Family Fun - I think!!) Sweet don't ya think?? The munchkins love em so hopefully they'll go down well for the party :)

Living in the UK and only buying 4 pint cartons at a time I had to mod them slightly to get a good ghost shape. (you can view the tutorial here) I think I am going to pop glow sticks in them and dangle them randomly from trees etc in the garden rather than line them up with Christmas tree lights. Although we go through that much milk in this house that I'll probably end up making more and doing both - I do love a bit of recycling craftiness ;)

I'm dying to test them with the glow sticks but unfortunately I have run out after letting the kids loose on them :| grrr so testing will have to wait until weekend when I'll have chance to pop to town.

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