Tuesday, 30 October 2012

OMG!!! £100 to spend in Hobby Craft!!!

That's right - This is what I have just WON!!!
I am so SO excited!!!

I entered a competition in the August edition of Womans Weekly Craft - whilst pressing send on the text thinking "don't know why I'm bothering I never win anything (before going ahead and sending another text, oh okay and another lol)

The competition closed at the end o September and I never heard anything so I shrugged it off, oh well another £3 down the drain (whilst secretly being kinda gutted lol)

Whilst nattering away on the phone to my mum this morning Mr Posty knocked on the door asking me to sign for a package, I did, then shouted for hubby "what ya been buying online again???"

That's when I noticed the Hobby Craft sticker and my name - I ripped open the envelope to find my vouchers and think I left poor mummy dearest a little deaf after jumping around my kitchen shouting and doing a crazy lady happy dance with phone still clutched in hand.

Wow I am so excited - this is going to come in so handy for my Home Made Christmas Project (more on that later) Trip to Sheffield has already been planned for Thursday - hubby will be accompanying me to calm me down in the event of any more crazy lady fits when I enter the shop hehe

Don't know what I'm going to spend it all on yet though...
any recommendations for must have supplies???

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