Friday, 12 October 2012

Spiders Cheese Web

So thanks to Miss Thrifty Crafty Girl and her post the other day on spiderweb frosting I knew the technique to use to do the chocolate spiderweb cheesecake that I want to make for the Halloween party.

I'm fairly impressed with the results - it looks pretty creepy (creepy - get it haha - Wow!! I'm such a dork!!!)

As I was using melted plain chocolate to do the web I came across the problem of the chocolate setting pretty much as soon as it hit the top of the cheesecake so it doesn't look quite as neat as I'd hoped...

If anyone could give me any pointers on how to stop it setting so quick or what else I could use instead of chocolate it would be MUCH appreciated!!

Ta very muchly xx

Oh and if you want to check out my recipe for the cheesecake itself - using bourbons!!! you can find it here :)

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