Friday, 19 October 2012

Boo Cubes, Spider Webs and a Trashy Wreath

I've had an all-sorts afternoon today...
My mother has taken the munchkins to spend the night at hers today so I have had an afternoon of bliss locked away in my room creating :)

I made my "boo" blocks using these old puzzle block pieces I had lying around. I just painted them black before decoupaging some letters and pictures onto them and adding some glitter. What a transformation - I'm really pleased with how cute they turned out :)

The spider webs were made from these old 'winnie the pooh' plaquettes I had from lil kings' baby nursery - just painted, glued wool for the web and lil critters from the pound shop and again finished with glitter (of course - gotta have a bit a sparkle hehe) 

My fave of the day has definitely got to be my plastic wreath though. Made by tying strips of bin liner and carrier bags to a wire ring. Finished with pound shop critters on wires and hot glue web strands :)
I love, love LOVE this but unfortunately my rubbish photography skills really don't do it any justice - I'll have to try and get some better pics tomorrow to update :)

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