Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Easy Peasy Chicken Fingers Save The Day

So my obsession has taken over the day and made me lose track of time (and not for the first time let me tell you)

It's been six months now since we moved house and my craft room is still so far from completion and really not a happy place to be in :( 

Now, as you will soon get to know, I am a VERY messy crafter, in fact you'll be hard pushed to find one messier and when you throw in my hoarding obsession things occassionally turn disastrous and with the holiday season fast approaching I have a million, well okay lots, of projects on the go. (All of which are far more inviting to tackle than knuckling down and sorting "my room". It's days like this I wish I knew how to use the magic wand Little King likes waving around ;-p  ) My house is beginning to look like one giant, dropped snow globe (a glittery mess basically) over the past few days hubbys frown has been spreading about as quick as my mess!!

So this morning, feeling guilty I decided it was definitely time to take responsibility, stop dilly dallying and get organizing until I realized it was 3.30 and I should be finishing up the tea (which I hadn't even started) oops!!!

Enter my easy peasy (thrown together in an absolute panic) chicken fingers which left all three kings smiling and holding out there plates for more :)

You can find the recipe here :)

I also came up with a few nifty little organizing ideas for "my room" but you'll have to stay tuned for those, ooo don't ya just love a cliffhanger hehe

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