Thursday, 18 October 2012

Spiky Thistle Monsters

I spotted these thistles on the school run the other day and immediately started plotting as to how I could use them in my Halloween decor :)

At first I was thinking along the lines of a wreath but when I got them home I noticed the leaves at the bottom of the thistle bud and how tentacle like they looked. That's when I thought - MONSTERS!!!

They were seriously easy to do with a quick dunk in some paint before leaving to dry and gluing on some googly eyes (Oh how I love googly eyes hehe)

The white one is definitely my fave - she's got character hehe (her name is Priscilla and she is a total DIVA)

The green one's sweet too - he looks kinda dopey :)

Didn't really appreciate finding this lil guy though...

Urrrrggghhhh :'(

Other than that and the odd stab to the finger the thistles were mega fun to work with - think I might have to go and forage some more :)


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  1. These are really cute! Love bringing nature into the home. I also like to work with pine cones which are abundunt in our area.