Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Costume Design Time

Been up to all sorts today but haven't managed to get anything post ready. Thought I'd quickly share the Halloween costume designs I've come up with whilst watching the awesome Transporter 2 this evening though :)

I wanted to be something a bit different and unique this year but after doodling around  I kept coming back to this long netted wrap around skirt so looks like I'm going to be a witch. Although to be honest, I've never been a witch before so will still make a change :)

Munchkins are going to be wizard twins!! Below you can see the rough idea I'm going for - one blue and one green :) Aw my lil cutie pies hehe

Think I need to get my bed in the nursing home booked... just looked at this pic again and realised I've written 2013 at the top. ermmm durrrr

Nothing for the hubby as of yet other than he's going to be the Incredible Hulk. He is adamant he is going to design his costume himself!! Don't worry I will be quick to share when he comes up with something haha

Nighty Night xx

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