Thursday, 11 October 2012

Witches' Bouquet

Halloween mantels - the piece de resistance for any Halloween party right???
So why have I only just started working on the decor for ours today?? I'm pretty sure this should have been one of my first tasks and now that I only have 15 days left until the party I've definitely run head first into panic station!!! I'm stressed and tired and hoping that it all pulls together into an awesome party for the kings.

Anyway, onto todays project. my witchy bouquet...

Spooky eh???
Mini King and I have had so much fun making this :)
We hacked a big thorny bush down in our back yard a couple of months back and most of the clipping are still sat wrapped in a blanket to go to the tip (yeah I know - pure laziness but look at the cool creepy branches I got out of it) 

First up was the ouch part - trimming them down and getting rid of some of the really big thorns - boy do they hurt (hence why the bush got hacked down in the first place hehe)

Second up was the REALLY messy part - painting them black!!
I used some watered down acrylic for this - yeah I can hear you screaming spray paint at me - but I have a bit of a phobia about using spray paint unless I absolutely need it (I can't stand all of the waste that you get with fiddly little jobs!!!) So we set to work with paint brush and watery acrylic which was fun so that's okay!!!

After leaving them in the garage to dry for a couple of hours we brought them in and cracked open the GLITTER!!! Love Love Love Glitter :)

We mixed some purple and silver and added it here n there with PVA glue just to give the branches some sweet sparkly hints :)

I think this was Mini Kings' fave part...

And well, covering ourselves in glitter was so much fun that continued spreading the sparkle and gave the dudes from yesterday a lil glittery make over too :)

I thought these were pretty cute yesterday - but now they're MEGA cute hehe

And don't forget the tins...

Nighty Night xx

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