Thursday, 27 September 2012

Homemade washing Powder!!

Apologies for going dark we've had a busy couple of days. The past few days have been chaotic and once again I've taken on so much that I'm heading for shut down mode :| I really do need to learn how to be more organized!!! But enough about the chaos or I'll send myself into a panic!!

As usual the busy days have led to a build up of washing - ah the joys of living with three grotty kings hehe and whilst my faithful lil machine has been in overdrive all day I have run out of detergent. As our local shop had no washing powders on offer it gave me the perfect excuse to try making my own - a frugality I've been dying to try for a while now.

I did a little research online a while back but still have not find anywhere to buy Borax which most of the recipes I have found call for but I have found a few that don't require it so I grabbed some soda crystals and some bicarbonate of soda and thought I might as well give it a whirl using those with some soap.

I have ended up with quite a big box full of powder for a total cost of £1.50 and have to say I am pretty impressed with the results, although I think I may have to add some napisan to the mix to give it a bit more oomph for heavily soiled items (which most of my laundry usually is - thanks again grotty kings!!)

Here is the recipe if you fancy giving it a go yourself =)

1kg bag Soda Crystals
1 bar pure soap (grated)
1 Cup Bicarbonate of Soda

Mix well in a plastic container and use 2 tablespoons per wash. Store in an airtight container and treat yourself with some of the pennies you'll save =)

You could also add a few drops of essential oil per wash if you like - I didn't bother as the kings usually moan when I buy smelly powders and leave them smelling like girls anyway.

I have read that you can also add white vinegar to the mix - just be careful as this will cause a lot of fizzing when it reacts with the bicarb.

If you prefer using a liquid detergent you can add the soap to water and boil on the stove until all of the soap has melted before mixing with a soda crystal solution and storing in a bottle.

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