Thursday, 20 September 2012

Play Day

Not had much time for making today as we have been out for the afternoon, as good behaviour reward for the lil kings :) After a couple hellish weeks of terrible twos and threes attitude and tantrums the hubz and I decided it was definitely time for action!! We have been doing our best super nanny impressions all week and boy has it worked!!! Thanking you Jo Frost :)

So we have spent the afternoon at a soft play center before heading to Pizza Hut for tea, yum yum :) Just looked through the pics we've taken and the kids had so much fun and charged around so bloody fast that the only pics are either a blur past the camera or a nice shot of their backs haha

Oh and Finley showing us that crayons don't really taste very nice!!!

I did get a quick half hour this morning though to make a few sheets of recycled paper though which I will be posting a tutorial for tomorrow along with some pics when they've had chance to dry!! (what?? You didn't think I could actually go a full day without making anything did you??)

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