Saturday, 22 September 2012

Halloween is just around the corner

Okay so don't want to scare anyone but Halloween is just over a month away now!!!

I thought I had loads of time to fit in all my Halloween craftiness but after a quick trip to town and seeing the pound shops FILLED with Halloween goodness I'm feeling VERY behind...

Little King Has asked if he can have a Spooky Do this year to invite all his new preschool friends so I said yes, of course, then ran into the kitchen to do a lil secret happy dance - man I just LOVE Halloween =D and with all the holiday inspiration that's flying around on pinterest at the moment my craft obsession and probably my head is totally going to explode. At least the latter will go with the Halloween decor!! 

I am frantically writing lists at the moment - lists of things to buy, things to do and even lists for lists to write haha - yeah I'm definitely a list girl. I downloaded a list app on my phone a few days ago but cannot get to grips with it. I love pretty notebooks and have boxes full of the things, but they just sit there because I'm a hoarder and I'm scared of using them all up hehe So I always use bits of scrap paper to write my lists, which the munchkins usually get hold of and throw them around so I either lose them or have to scratch dried up bits of food of them to see what I've written - NICE!! 

God I am soooo unorganized!! That's it - my top priority mission for today is to get one of those notebooks and write on one of the lovely clean fresh pages (yes I am breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it!!!)

Next on the list is to get on with the invitations for the party whilst I see if the bright sunshine we have this morning holds out long enough for blackberry picking!!

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