Sunday, 23 September 2012

One Mans Junk...

...Is definitely my treasure today.

Hubby is sulking with me this aft as I managed to come home with three big bags of car boot finds this morning - "collecting more junk" he says but these little beauties were screaming out at me for love and attention =D

Sorry about the rubbish photo - my camera batteries are charging so used my phone which didn't handle the low lighting very well this evening ='(
My fave find of the day is most definitely the old battered record box (on the right) I spotted this from a mile off and it only cost me £1.00 
It's desperate for some love - it needs a lot of work to make it beautiful again but I just know I'm going to have so much fun doing it. I'm thinking decopage with some pretty paper????

The other treasures in the picture...
On the left - wooden sewing chest - complete with a few sewing accessories - a steal at a fiver =D
A wooden photo frame on a stand (minus the glass) which I paid just 50p for!!! Think I might turn this into a key holder with mini blackboard.
An old glass candle holder - 20p and a set of three candlesticks - again 20p each
and finally a cute lil set of dominoes in wooden box fairly expensive @ 75p haha but they have are all engraved with a nice dragon on the back so think a few of them would make lovely pendants and maybe a couple of bracelets.

I can't stop looking at my lil bundle of treasures and the inspiration that oozes from them is mind blowing!!!
Man I love car boots =D

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